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Many companies have coupons that they send out to their customers and potential customers. All you have to do is contact them!

Here are a few suggestions that may help you score some free coupons…
Try to stay positive. Complimenting them on a new product or how much you or your family enjoy it. If you have a complaint, try to say what you have to say nicely and in a positive way.
You can try to offer suggestions on how they may improve their products. Maybe offer flavor suggestions, etc.
Don’t forget to include your contact info when writing or calling them, including your email and mailing address.

Get Started…

Get started on some of the companies listed below and keep your fingers crossed that they will send you some great coupons, possibly some for free products!

NOTE: This list is only a guide. Promotional periods vary from company to company so you may or not be able to get coupons from all of the companies listed. If you don’t get any coupons from a certain company, try again a couple of months later. Just because coupons aren’t available one month doesn’t mean they won’t be available at another point in time. Sign up for the company’s mailing list. If coupons or offers are available in the future, this may ensure you get them sent straight to your inbox!

Company Brand Names & Websites:


If you know of any other companies that give out free coupons and would like to help us expand our list, please share here

**This page may contain affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure.

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